January 18th, 2021

Category: Rehoming Story

A Pupdate from the lovely Dexter!

Dexter – 9 Year old Norfolk Terrier was rehomed in March 2020.  We thought you might like to hear how the wee chap was settling in;

“He really is such a joy – the happiest, most affectionate and funny dog, and he’s really bonded with Alfie and given him a new lease of life. I’ve attached some of the latest photos of them to let you see how inseparable they’ve become, they even have to sleep touching which is really cute. You’d never think they were old mannies the way they chase each other about!

Everyone who meets Dexter falls for his charms and he’s become a bit of a star on the hill where we go for daily walks. The old folk always have a wee treat for him and he knows exactly who to run up to and turn on the doe eyes. I’ve never met a dog so obsessed with food, but he’s been on a diet and only gets apple and carrot snacks in the house which he doesn’t seem to mind, so he’s looking and keeping very well. He’s taking a while to get used to me being in and out now that I’m back to work and we’re having some anxiety wee-wees issues, but I’m sure he’ll settle eventually. Until then I’ll keep covering the kitchen white goods with puppy training pads because that’s where he chooses to cock his wee leg – I think he sees it as a blank canvas!

I hope you’re all keeping well and managing fine and that the current situation hasn’t hit DAWGS too hard. You all do such an important job and there are many families and dogs in your debt. As you can see from my son and daughter’s smiles, you really are changing lives for the better.

Merry Christmas to you all, and very best wishes for a better year to come”.

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