There is usually a re-homing fee of £100. However this may be reduced depending on the age of the dog.
There are many reasons why a dog will be re-homed - illness, a change in family circumstance or family breakdown being some of the most common.

If you are chosen to re -home one of our dogs, you will be given more information about why it is being re-homed at this stage.
If a dog has lived with young children before we are happy to re-home them in another family with children, preferably aged 6 and above.
The process is very simple. If you contact the re-homing team on 01224 208989, they will talk you through the process, fill out and application form on the phone and arrange to meet with you and your dog, to take some photos before putting the dog on our website.

When at all possible we ask you to keep your dog with you until a suitable match is found but in emergency situations we have access to kennels. 
All the dogs being re-homed are featured on our website. If you see one you think is right for you, fill in the on-line contact form.

Give as much details as you can as to why you think you would be the best match for the dog you have applied for. Our re-homing team may get lots of enquiries about some dogs and may not be able to contact everyone personally but you will be sent an email letting you know what the situation is.

If you are successful, one of our re-homing administrators will phone you and fill out an application form on the phone. A home check will be arranged, followed by a meet and greet at the DAWGS office.  All being well, you will be able to take your new dog home with you then. 
On average, we would hope to complete the process in around 2 weeks.

However, some dogs are harder to re-home than others and some matches may take a bit longer.
At the moment we are unable to do this and need a new application for every dog you wish to apply for.