Give A Gift That Will Make A Difference This Year

November 29th, 2016

Category: General News

Support for Dawgs.

DAWGS relies on its own fundraising efforts, along with support from dog lovers like you, to keep its service going. But this year, despite our best efforts, we did not raise enough to cover all re-homing costs and additional kenneling and veterinary care. Please help us carry on caring for more dogs next year. If you are considering donating to a charity this Christmas, or next year, please donate to DAWGS. You can make a difference.

If just 100 of you dog lovers donated £20, or joined our DAWGS Best Friend Scheme we could be certain of being able to help more dogs.

You can sign up for our DAWGS Best Friend Scheme or donate securely on – line via our website send a cheque (payable to DAWGS) to DAWGS, The DAWG House, 6 Small Holdings, Lang Stracht, Aberdeen, AB15 8PS

On behalf of our four legged friends, thank you

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