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Bert Rehoming Update

Bert Rehoming Update

Posted: February 9, 2024
Can’t believe it will be a year this Thursday, doesn’t feel that long at all.
Bert had definitely settled in as part of the family and we’ve enjoyed going on many adventures together. So far in the past year we’ve stayed in a few hotels, a couple of cottages and took the ferry over to Arran for a wee holiday (where we think he found his love of playing in the water). He walks on the lead well, enjoys going out for group dog walks, making friends with all dogs (and charming all humans) he meets. He’s been off the lead more regularly these days, but can still be selective on recall when there’s something or someone more exciting to see in the distance…but he is definitely better with recall than he was.
He’s still wary of young children and fast moving vehicles but it’s working progress.
He seems to have a photographic memory of where he’s last seen a cat and heads to those locations eagerly on the off chance he’ll see one again, and he’s yet to catch his arch nemesis…the garden magpie. When all the days excitement is over here can be found either pulling shapes on the sofa or stretched out in front of the fire.
Looking forward to many more happy years with him, some photos below from his first year with us.
Thanks again to Dawgs for pairing us up with this lovely lurcher boy.

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