Meet Luna

Neutered, Vaccinated & Microchipped

Lovely Luna is a friendly girl but has been struggling with some anxiety while out on walks.  Loud noises and fast movements can be stressful and trigger her into reacting with barking and lunging on the end of her lead, sometimes she will spin around and try to run off and other times, she is able to walk past.  This clever girl has been making excellent progress with her training/confidence building and we are looking for someone who is calm, patient and committed to continuing helping to gently guide her through her anxieties and slow exposures to new environments/situations to help her learn.

Luna would make a great running or hiking companion.  She must wear muzzle while out on adventures as she has a habit of picking up rocks and stones and one occasion, accidently swallowed one!  She is playful girl, loves her toys especially a game of tug of war or fetch.

She would prefer to be the only pet in the house where someone has time to dedicate to 1:1 training and meeting all her needs.

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  1. Please complete an online form giving us as much information as possible about your current situation, hours you work, any dog experience, how you can meet her needs, and why you feel you could be a good match for Luna.
  • Gender:

  • Age:
    3 years

  • Adult Only

  • Only Pet in Household

  • Live With Cats

  • Family Home

  • Energetic

  • On-Going Training Required


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