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7 Essential items to get before you welcome a new dog or puppy into your home

7 Essential items to get before you welcome a new dog or puppy into your home

It’s always incredibly exciting when you get to bring home your new dog or puppy for the first time. But before the newest member of your family arrives it’s important to get your home ready with everything you’ll need to make your furry friend’s transition as easy as possible. 

Our DAWGS certified list of ‘must-haves’ include:

  • Some essential basics… a comfy place to sleep and food/water bowls to eat and drink from.
  • A lead, a simple lead is best for teaching your dog to walk nicely next to you.
  • A plain-buckle collar with your details on it or a tag. This is a legal requirement for UK dogs.
  • A harness. We recommend attaching your dog’s lead to a harness so they don’t experience pressure round the neck if they pull. Make sure it’s a harness that allows them to walk and run naturally, as opposed to one that restricts the way they move.
  • A variety of toys for keeping calm, amused and for play. It’s good to keep your dogs stimulated as it can help to keep them from digging up the garden or scratching your favourite furniture to shreds.

If you’re bringing home a puppy, some extras:

  • Toys for teething 
  • A crate, if you decide to crate train

Most importantly, a caring, patient and loving environment is the best thing a new pup or dog could come home to, alongside the essentials from our list. So make sure to take a trip to your local pet-store and get your home kitted out for its new arrival.

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