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8 Great things to buy before welcoming a dog into your home  

8 Great things to buy before welcoming a dog into your home  

Before you rehome a dog, it’s time to stock up on all the essentials to make your new furry friend feel at home. DAWGS have compiled a list of eight ‘must buy’ items to stock up on from your local pet store or online retailer before you adopt a dog:

  1. A new leash and collar will be handy for those daily dog walks in the park or further afield. Choose a well-fitted collar and a suitable lead to give your dog just enough freedom to roam whilst staying secure by your side 
  1. An identification tag can help others locate you if your dog ever goes astray. It makes sense to buy this with a new collar and remember to keep info accurate and concise with your key contact details and dog’s name
  1. Food and water bowls come in all shapes and sizes and it’s advisable to use a guide like this to choose the right size to make your dog’s mealtimes a breeze
  1. A dog bed and crate – when it’s time for a snooze after a fun day outside, you’ll want your new pet to feel as comfortable as possible. Choose a crate that gives your dog enough freedom to roam inside, to ensure they have a ‘home from home’ inside your house
  1. Poop disposal bags are a daily essential for all dog walkers to help them clean up after their pets after a stroll in the park. Most dogs will also use the sight of a trigger point to tell them when it’s time for ‘walkies’ 
  1. Choosing the right dog food for your four-legged friend is crucial. There are a wide range of brands and you should consider your dog’s age, breed and likely appetite and eating habits. Please seek the advice of a vet if your dog has specific dietary requirements and always ensure there is a gradual transition over any food changes to avoid upset tummies
  1. Treats are a nice reward for your dog when it is in training or to let them know you care. Choose a healthy snack that makes your furry friend feel loved but don’t go mad on the treats or it will no longer be so special
  1. Toys. Every dog loves playtime and most like something they can wrapped their teeth around. An old tennis ball is a popular toy for dogs who love a game of catch and chase and many love nothing more than chewing on a old dog bone

Owning a dog can be a hugely rewarding experience and by ensuring the basic needs of yours are met on a daily basis you can look forward to a long and loving relationship with your new pet.

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