April 27th, 2016

Category: Rehoming Story

Molly, our first matchmaker!

Molly The Matchmaker Gives Us A  Fairytail Ending… We all know our DAWGS dogs are special – but meet Molly our first matchmaker!! Molly and her owner moved to Durness last summer. Their new home sounds idyllic  with a  beach  two minutes from their  front door and an abundance of beautiful lochs and hills to explore! Molly has been loving it – and thanks to her, her owner met her lovely new partner! While usually shy and reserved with new people Molly took a shine to a particular gentleman, loved him immediately  and kept running into his workshop – taking her owner with her. Her ploy worked – her owner now has a new partner that both she and Molly adore!  Molly gave her owner a scare before Christmas when she became very ill but happily is on the mend and even has a new lease of life. She has learned  to share and is making lots of new doggy friends. Her best friend is Sam a collie who is trying to teach her  how to play fetch. Aparantly,  she likes the running part but doesn’t seem to understand about picking up the ball despite  poor Sam’s patience and efforts.Molly has gotten more affectionate as time has gone by  and loves nothing more than cuddling up on the sofa with her blankets after a long walk on the beach. Molly’s owner thanked us for making all this possible – and told us she loves Molly more and more. We’ve got our fairytail ending  – what more could we ask for?

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