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Microchipped and Neutered

Milo is now looking for his forever home.

Milo is a very loving and loyal boy. He is a very good listener and takes to training well. He’s very responsive with treats or a ball which have been used to aid with training.

He’s initially anxious with strangers but warms up quickly when properly introduced (then he will follow you everywhere).

Milo is good with adults but is unsure with children, we would recommend a family with no kids due to his size and his uncertainty will small children.

He is fine when meeting other dogs but would prefer to be the only dog in the household.

Milo has a possible heart murmur but not had further scans to confirm. He is very fit and healthy with no breathing issues, vets have advised he may grow out of it with age.

Milo would love an owner who has the time to give him the exercise and stimulation he requires. A large enclosed garden and preferably with knowledge of the breed. If you feel Milo may be the right dog for you please,

Contact the office directly on 01224 208989 or click on “Request to adopt Milo Now”


I will be happy to have a home. Are you sure I'm right for you?

Request to adopt Milo

General Information

Cane Corso

Dog Character

Adult Only
Only pet in household
On-going training required

I will be happy to have a home. Are you sure I'm right for you?

Request to adopt Milo

Adoption process

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Please do not call the office or email to ask about your application, as this only delays the process in finding a dog their forever home. All applicants will receive a response as soon as practically possible.


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