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Ramo (now Deano)

Ramo (now Deano)

Deano has settled in very well. It’s like he has always been with my mum and us as a family. He loves to be picked up and nursed like a baby. He will fall asleep in your arms or beside you. He’s such a good dog. Hardly hear his voice although Mika is teaching him when she’s there. Loves his food, no fussing at all, except he would just eat and eat. That’s pugs for you. He’s a gentle soul. Getting on great with Mika when she is left with my mum or we go round. She’s still bossy but he knows that’s his home now and I’ve went to pick her up with both of them watching for me.  He hasn’t been neutered yet but that will be getting booked. Wanted him to feel comfortable at his forever home before leaving him at vets all day and waking up tender and sore, and he is very much settled. Not had one accident in the house or tried to mark anything. Loves to be in the car with Mika. He walks quite well for his age and breed. Loves everybody. Don’t know if previous owners mentioned but he actually smiles. We think he does.
So all good. He sulks a little when I leave with Mika for our own home but soon loves the silence from her barks.
He’s perfect and makes me broody for another pug as yes I’ve tried to steal him for a night but it’s been a no. Ha ha.
Best decision for my mum, for Mika having play dates with a social fur baby at my mums or my own home and I’m hoping Deano thinks so too. Nothing fazes him at all.
 He loves a bath. My mum tells me he thinks every bath is his bath time.
He’s just a sweetheart and loves a Sunny patch inside or outside when weather was good at weekend.
In short, he’s loved, spoilt and happy.

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