Dog Training & Behaviourist Consultants in our area:


Garromuir Kennels and Dog Training

Garromuir Training Centre has over twenty five years experience in dog training.
They can help with behavioural problems, pet training or specialised training in a kind and caring way that dogs respond well to.

Contact John or Barbara on 01466 760262, email:


Rosemary Pirie – Drumoak

Tel: 01330 811348

Rosemary is happy to offer advice to anxious owners, just ring the telephone number above.


Canine Capers Training School

Fun, Kind and Effective Training

For more information contact:

Jane Purvis

Tel: 01358 729004

Home Tuition also given.


Tellington Touch Therapy

Living and Learning Support for DAWGS Rescue Dogs

Contact Carrie Welsh on 01224 315414 for one to one work


Local web site for lost dogs,
with lots of useful information
at a worrying time.



Other Rescue Centers in Aberdeenshire


Mrs Murray’s Cat & Dog Home


BARRK – Banff & Aberdeenshire Rehoming and Rescue Kennels





If you find a lost or injured animal.

Contact the dog wardens on 01224 523737 Monday to Friday only.


Main Telephone: 01467 628195


Regional Dog Warden (Aberdeenshire North)
Peterhead  Tel: 01779 483812


Regional Dog Warden (Aberdeenshire Central)
Inverurie  Tel: 01467 628195


Regional Dog Warden (Aberdeenshire South)
Stonehaven  Tel: 01569 768224