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Posted: November 23, 2023

Koda Rehomed Oct 2023

Koda’s great! I’ve never met a more affectionate shepherd and he’s our seventh!
We regularly have folk round to the house and he loves them all to bits!
He’s almost fully stopped his obsession with stones and he very rarely bites at the lead or lead climbs now, so that’s all great!
We are working on loose lead walking (improving ) and desensitisation with sheep… (a long road!). We’re also practising recall with distractions in a large empty livestock field. We also use a long line (15m) for fun walks so he can explore and run.
His teeth are looking better, as in cleaner. He has a daily Lily’s Kitchen natural dental chew and I think that’s helping, along with his chew toys.
He’s also put some weight on and is looking healthier – he lives his raw diet!
We’re going to the mainland for a few days next week and he’s going to the vet for his inoculations and health check. They’ll look at his teeth but he doesn’t seem to be in pain, though they’re pretty bad…
I think that all for now… I’m attaching some photos! A few more to follow! Thanks for getting in touch.

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