Sam Is Keeping His New Owners On Their Toes

November 25th, 2014

Category: General News

We recently re-homed cocker spaniel Sam and were so pleased to hear from his new family.

He sounds like a right bundle of mischief but is settling in really well. But he’s not making it easy for mum to tell us how he is getting on as he has taken to sitting on her lap when she is working at the computer – even falling asleep once – and making trying quite tricky! But she did manage to send the following

” Just to let you know that Sam has settled in well and is becoming part of the family. He is very good most of the time and settles down well at night. He can get very excited at times and barks a bit too much,particularly when the doorbell rings. He’ll do anything for food and definitely can’t be left on his own in the kitchen. We are losing socks, pants, shoes and toys as he takes them outside and buries them in the garden or hides them in the house!

Our daughter has been trying to teach him some tricks with varying degrees of success. He tolerates her efforts and usually gets a small reward if he does or almost does what she asks. We’ve started letting him off the lead on walks and generally he keeps us in sight and returns when called. We also took him to the beach (see attached picture) at the weekend and he just ran and ran in big circles in and out of the sea. We took him to the Vets last week and he was given a clean bill of health. He had the first of two injections to get him up to date and we were given worm and flea tablets. He also had his claws clipped.We bought some doggy toothpaste but cleaning his teeth isn’t proving that easy. My husband has managed to brush him without incident! We’re enjoying having him and getting to know him and our daughters’ friends think he is very cute”

We can’t wait to hear more of Sam’s adventures -as he settles into his new home!

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