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Hugo is looking for his forever home.

He is a strong, smart boy who thrives from being challenged with his daily training. He needs continuing work on his lead manners, so would benefit for someone who is eager to continue his training and has experience with his breed.

Hugo can be nervous when first meeting people or going into new environments, he can appear to be aggressive with barking and lunging but very quickly comes out his shell and shows you his loving personality when he has built up a trust and bond.

Hugo would be best suited to an experienced dog owner who won’t be put off by his initial appearance and who is prepared for him to receive the training, daily stimulants and attention he needs, DAWGS would be committed to help with cost of ongoing behaviourist.

He can bark and lunge at passing people and dogs however is responsive to basic commands and is easily distracted by little bits of chicken to keep his focus on the handler.

We are looking for an adult only, animal free home, with a large enclosed garden possibly a rural location.

This handsome man is full of love and would make a great addition to his new home.

If you are interested in rehoming Hugo please contact the office directly on 01224 208989 or click on “Request to adopt Hugo”.

I will be happy to have a home. Are you sure I'm right for you?

Request to adopt Hugo

General Information

German Shepherd x Akita
20 months

Dog Character

Adult Only
Only pet in household
On-going training required

I will be happy to have a home. Are you sure I'm right for you?

Request to adopt Hugo

Adoption process

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Please do not call the office or email to ask about your application, as this only delays the process in finding a dog their forever home. All applicants will receive a response as soon as practically possible.


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